Monday, June 6, 2011

Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Okay, so I think I'm going to blog!

Let me do a quick recap of the last... year and a half. From the start of 2010 to the present, the following things have happened:

I went back to school. Colleen convinced me to apply for San Jose State in the fall of 2009, and on the last day possible, I somehow got it all submitted, and they even let me in! I was debating between a degree in Child Development and Marketing, and eventually went with ChAD. Many people may find this odd, but I really am not interested in making a ton more money. I have a decent job, and really just wanted a degree, and to show my kids the importance of education. I also wanted to do something I knew I would find interesting, so that I'd be motivated to work at it. I hadn't ever really done very well in school, and looking back at my transcripts from my first few years at West Valley is pretty embarrassing. So if I was going to make the effort to go back to school, I wanted it to be something I'd be interested in.

In the mean time, I took a Child Development class at West Valley just to sort of get back into the groove of things. It went well, and I got an A, but I wasn't really sure I'd be able to keep that up if I were taking more than just 1 class.

So then in the fall I started full time at State. To my surprise, for the first time in my life, I was excelling at school. For the first time I got all A's (well, 2 A-'s) on a report card. It was actually pretty shocking. What was also shocking was the amount of idiots in class around me. I figured it was normal to have half the class be idiots in high school, and at a junior college, but at a University? Well, I guess it is San Jose State. But anyways, I kept the streak up this Spring and I think got my first A+ in a class ever, and even ended up with 3 of them.

Also in 2010 I got a big promotion and became the GM of Milpitas Golfland. That's pretty cool I guess.

Now for the kids:

Will started t-ball and soccer. So far I think he likes soccer more, but honestly he's not particularly great at either of them. However, one of the reasons he likes soccer may be that he's a bit competitive, and t-ball is pretty uncompetitive. He really wants to get to the higher levels, and was a bit disappointed this year to have to play t-ball again. He's not the best player on the team, but he does alright. He is usually one of the happiest on the team, perhaps a little too much. He got the award for the goofiest player from his coach this year.

Ben and Will both started swimming lessons last summer, and loved them. Will expressed that he loved them even more than video games, which is saying something. They're both really excited to do them again this summer, and we have them signed up for two sessions. I think Ben is really excited to play t-ball next year, and tonight we played catch and he did really well, making some really good catches. He's probably catching at the level Will was just a year ago. He also loves doing homeschool with Colleen, and is looking forward to starting kindergarten next fall. Also, I think he's Max's 3rd favorite person. They just get along really well together, and Ben has this ability to just crack Max up.

I think they're favorite pastime though is Legos. Those kids can play with Legos for hours. I don't think they realize it yet, but I think they like Legos even more than video games.

Evaline at the beginning of 2010 could not walk, or really even crawl. She began walking at 17 months, by far the latest of our kids so far, but she is also the smallest. She now talks really well, and loves her brothers. She also loves having books read to her, she loves babies and blankets and "juice" (Strawberry PediaSure), and pretty dresses, and going to nursery on Sundays.

Max, did not exist at the beginning of 2010. So you know, he's probably changed the most. He went from non-existence to being born, and can now laugh and play, and tonight he even started crawling.

So, uh, that's it. That's our family.


peltzfamily said...

I love that you are blogging again. That's a lot of change for one year. Keep up the good work.

Eliza said...

Great job on the school grades! SJSU is full of idiots. I'm glad people like you and Brent could help it from being completely taken over.

I enjoyed the update on the kids and to hear that you are all doing well and happy.